Blue Dragon Hoard 7pc set

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Type: Dice

This misfit set is comprised of dice from the Gemstone Collection inked in Pearl White. This set includes

Alexandrite d20(Light purple with sparkles), Gold Flake d12, Howlite d6 (White with Black Veins), Emerald d10 (Dark green with green and orange glitter), Citrine d8 (Yellow with glitter), Aquamarine d% (Aqua with glitter), and an Amethyst d4 (dark purple with glitter)

This 7 piece set features a custom font and comes in a custom treasure chest.


Please note that because these are handmade, there may be minor imperfections. 

Set specific imperfections: d20-6 face has a chip on the number, d10- tip chipped (pictured below